The Saint Petersburg Exemplary Printing House is in many respects a unique enterprise that has been founded in post-soviet times, having started from scratch. Its proprietors have had no third party investors or co-founders who might have been able to offer any funds for the new emerging venture, just an and a team of like-minded persons. The Printing House personnel has begun to emerge as far back as 1993 when the company started to make its first strides, acting as an intermediary in placing printing orders. Then, first printing machines have appeared - the single-coloured Adast Dominant from Finland and the dual-coloured Solna from Sweden.

HeidelbergThe new history of Exemplary Printing House began on 10 May 1997, when we have installed the Heidelberg Speedmaster 72V printing press, perhaps one of the first machines of this kind delivered to Russia from Europe after disintegration of the USSR. Moreover, this was one of the first leasing projects in the Russian printing industry (leasing having been brought into play with the aid of the Sberbank). Furthermore, as the amount of orders begun to increase, we started to suffer from the lack of production capacities. So, several more printing machines have been bought in Europe. Each and every one of those has presented a range of new technological possibilities for the efficient fulfillment of our clients' current tasks.

The first orders placed with our Printing House were linked to the advertising materials, even though the volume and stringent territorial attachment of the advertising market began to impede the potential opportunities for our impending development. The dominating business area where we have wanted to prevail was the production of labels and packaging. The 1998 default and the advertising market stagnation have only facilitated the acceleration of our activities in this direction.

A new market means new technologies. In 1998 the Exemplary Printing House has installed the Heidelberg Speedmaster СD 102-5+L - the first machine of that kind in our country - allowing to print on cardboards with an overall thickness reaching 1 mm. A design engineering department has been set up in the same year, as well as a production line to laminate the corrugated cardboards and make packaging from them.

In 1999, having received substantial orders from Orimi and Henkel-Era companies, St-Petersburg Exemplary Printing House has become a significant player in the market of packaging goods, challenging a number of not only national, but also European manufacturers.

the Exemplary Printing House In 2002 the Printing House has commenced to build a new production facility in the township of Staraya Derevnya (Old Village). In December of the same year a new printing press has been brought and installed down there, while in 2003 a decision has been taken to split up the production lines between the packaging and advertising manufacturing. The 2nd modern printing facility has been additionally called into play at Staraya Derevnya facility, while we continued to print the booklets, placards, calendars and other advertising materials in our old production workshop located on the Chernaya Rechka.

An optimization of the business processes provided an impetus for further development in every chosen direction. In 2004 our Printing House has effectively mastered an industrial production of laminating cardboards. The next year we have successfully installed a Heidelberg SM CD 102-6+LYLX UV+Cool Cure printing press, which allows to print across the non-absorbent surfaces (e.g. plastics). Then in 2007 our printing equipment stock has been supplemented by an 11-section KBA Rapida 105-11-SW-5+L ALV2 CX - the powerful machine equipped with the largest amount of printing sections not only in Russia, but all over Eastern Europe.

KBA Rapida


The year 2008 has been marked by the successive completion of a stage of construction of a production facility at Staraya Derevnya. And after as many as 11.000 м² of production and warehousing facilities have been successfully placed into operation, we have ultimately succeeded in unification of our packaging and advertising business units.

In the same year our Printing House has implemented the re-branding process. We have altered our corporate logo trademark by introducing a new slogan, and formulated the company's business mission. The new style is presently in full accordance with purpose and intent of the Exemplary Printing House, and we are proactively utilizing it as an effective tool to facilitate our further advance across the market.

In 2010, we installed new manufacturing line - well balanced and coherent complex for packaging production. KBA Rapida 106, quality control system Densitronic PDF, and die-cutting press BOBST EXPERTCUT 106-PER - this manufacturing complex meet all the needs of our customers in speed, quality and reliability.

Today, employs more than 350 personnel. Our printing capacities include 44 printing sections. The post-printing capabilities start from the selective varnishing and embossing, include high gloss calendering, and finish with automatic gluing of volume packaging. It certainly is noteworthy that our work has repeatedly won many prestigious awards in such high caliber printing industry competitions as ‘The Maestro of Printing Art' and ‘Russia's Grand Star' (Packaging - the Star of Russia).