Over the last fifteen years our clients have continued to entrust us with production of packaging for their goods, printing a wide range of advertising materials and creating the POS-materials. Our customers are major Russian and Western production companies, advertising and branding agencies, design studios and publishing houses. Both timely and quality completion of orders and observation of ethic norms are important for them, as well as the highest corporate standards at all times.

In this day and age, Saint-Petersburg Exemplary Printing House combines 42 printing sections, a unique set of equipment for post-printing, as well as a design studio and an engineering department. But the veritable driving force behind our company's strength is the team of employees who work for us.

Thanks to these highly-motivated and gifted individuals, our Printing House continues to have a competitive edge in today's tough market conditions. Currently we have 350 employees working in our Printing House - these are sharply focused, responsible and proactive professionals, which are keen to absorb the new knowledge and seek optimal ways for effective resolution of each new assignment at hand.

In our work we are mainly supported by a number of important principles that help us unite our employees, and define and adhere to the professional industry standards.


  •      work must always be dedicated to a client's requirements and needs

Our customers are enterprises that may work in different areas and business directions. For that reason, it is imperative that we fully understand individual requirements and needs of each and every one of them. This has always been and remains a high priority task for us.

We listen very carefully to our clients' opinions, always keeping abreast of current market trends, tendencies and developments. We feel it is the only way in which we are able to react proactively to emerging challenges, as well as anticipate our customers' future needs.

For us, the successful completion of the first printing job is just a first step towards partnership, new projects and their implementation. That is exactly why today the Exemplary Printing House acts and develops with its clients' interests in mind.


  •      reliable quality of production

We understand that the quality is not an end result, but rather a process. It is one that must and should be managed effectively. In our Printing House the quality begins with the first conversation with a client when we proceed to clarify the project details and seek optimal solutions to carry out and implement it.

The quality management for us is much more than a simple control followed by culling and scrapping of deficient or faulty products. It effectively comprises a range of procedures targeted at scheduling, control, analyses and quality improvement of all our production items. The Quality Management System operating at our Printing House is a set of strictly regulated and strenuously enforced work procedures, methods and provisions which allow us to achieve the high results every time.


  •      strive towards development and implementation of new technologies

The world surrounding us keeps on changing constantly. But we have come to view these changes as not constituting so much as problems, but rather new opportunities, goals and solutions. It is in these very changes that we can identify new challenges which determine a necessity for the gradual yet dynamic business development.

To be streets ahead of the main competition is actually a prerequisite that time and time again permits us to offer adequate solutions per each new order. Today we consciously master the new technologies. This allows us to offer a competitive edge to our clients letting them acquire and keep the leading role in the market segments they operate in.

Research and development carried out by our Printing House's specialists remain the basis for completion of all innovative projects coupled with our vast experience and clear understanding of our client's requirements and needs.


  •      business ethics

Movement ahead is not only the growth of certain financial indicators and widening of an equipment base. What else is of paramount importance to us is how we can accomplish the stipulated business targets. It is the main reason we do not strive to gain short-term profits; neither are we remotely interested in procurement of transient gains that might otherwise have been derived to the detriment of our company's natural and organic development.

We are certain that the transparency and openness in communication remain the basis for stable and long-term business relations. For that reason, we are only too eager to share with our partners our extensive experience, knowledge and a permanent desire to learn something new and interesting.


Saint-Petersburg Exemplary Printing House is a unique enterprise able to unite the utmost dynamics of development with stability, reliability and thorough substantiation. We are confident that it is precisely this harmonic combination of seemingly opposing entities that does consistently allow us to remain a convenient and practical tool - one our clients are most welcome to use on the way of their further business advancement.